Customer Care


Holy Smokes NJ is the premier experience is the alternative industry we inhabit.  We set a new expectation of hominess and product knowledge while expanding you horizons within the trends in the industry.  As a store for adults you'll find we walk the line between being professional and keeping it real.

Because this is an adult establishment you must be 21+ and must have a proper valid Government Issued ID.  We prohibit the sale to minors and we hope you encourage this strict policy by having your ID ready!

Privacy & Safety

In store we do have an in house customer appreciation app called fivestar,  We do not sell or profit off of any of the information we are so graciously share with us.  In addition, we also have a phone app regarding sales, and upcoming events in the shop.  These messages are not targeted to any customer but instead sent as a mass text to all customer wanting to receive them.

Promotional material on these phones are for and intending for adults only and can be opted out of at any time.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Cash

- Venmo

- Cash App

**Military and Service Discounts**


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